beneath the pound of flesh (2014)

by [amos/anon]

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special thanks to:
everything that’s taken a piece
of me and everyone trying to put
me back together
don’t give up on me yet

in memory of:
raymond leatherby-dries
who hated my music but listened
to it anyway
24 march 1994 - 25 december 2013


released February 9, 2014

written and recorded: [amos/anon]
backing vocals: paraffin
cover photography: jessicka @ visceral photography




[amos/anon] Palmerston North, New Zealand

if you haven't heard of [amos/anon] then the system is working. go back to sleep.

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Track Name: melancholia: with saturn's gift
with saturn’s gift
i’ve been cursed
i’ve been blessed
under my stone
i regress and reminisce
with my windows closed all i see
Track Name: somaticate: we can suffocate
we can suffocate
underneath the blanket
of our fears
or medicate to escape
from all our peers
we can jettison our souls
and leave this world in ashes

burning bridges
i have never crossed
put behind me
all i’ve lost
going nowhere i am
never lost
put behind me
all i want to be

existing virtually
paralysed by my tv
there’s nothing left of me
couch potato made of
rotting meat
Track Name: oneirataxia: in the arms of sleep
in the arms of sleep
i touch her skin
with my safety pin
i write my name
now she can never leave me

i hold my torture in
she lets it out
with her struggling
now she can never leave me

like a vision from a dream
she’s an angel
and if i cut her wings
she’ll stay here
in the darkness i live in

both her eyes are open
she’s not awake
her life is slowly fading
with each breath i take
now she can never leave me

lock her in my heart
so i can contain her
tie her to the bed and
be her saviour
from the others that want
the same
Track Name: nepenthe: give me something
i’ve been burning way too long
burning both ends til
all my candle’s gone
for twenty-five years i’ve been
alone on the corner of the
crossroads wondering where i
went wrong

i gotta get away sometimes
get out of my fucking mind

give me something so i disappear
give me something
i’m so sick of here
give me something
give me anything
just nothing that reminds me
that i’m still here feeling jaded
lying naked on the pavement
Track Name: saturnine: there must be more to life
footsteps through the rain
memories of might-have-beens
cut myself again
feels like i lost my only friend

dug myself a hole
i lost fucking control
dragged you down as well
the world goes on
all is well

there must be more to life

this vicious cycle
i’m coming down again
i’m tired of waiting
for this world to end
i’m tired of living
i’m tired of giving more
i’m sick of waiting
i’m sick of keeping score

there must be more to life
Track Name: [hidden track]
it's such a long road
to carry such a heavy load
twenty-five years old
walking like an old man
on my way back home
feel like a refugee

i walk alone
along this long and dusty road
there's a sad song
playing on my heart strings
there's a small voice
asking what tomorrow brings
just me and my shadow
walking the long way home
just me and my little devils
walking the long way home