Gothique (Demo)

by [amos/anon]

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Although some of these songs had been floating around since 2004 - 2005, namely Lament, Ephemeral and Dahlia, this was the first time they were released to the general public. It's not commercial, well-mixed, or in any sense music in some places but I've put it up here to show how far I've come and because I've heard shitter on Bandcamp.



released January 1, 2009

All Tracks recorded at Linton St Massive.
Featuring the Vocal Talent of Marque Duckmanton on 'Pity
(Your Sympathy)'
and Natalie Burr on 'Dahlia' and 'Annulled'




[amos/anon] Palmerston North, New Zealand

if you haven't heard of [amos/anon] then the system is working. go back to sleep.

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Track Name: 03 theCrows
and it feels
like I found my self in her
she's got these eyes that
pull me thru

I was lost
I was low til I found her
but I'm so much better

look how far I've come
I'm getting better now
I was so fucking lost
but you pulled me out
I'm getting better
so much fucking better

all my anger's gone
all I've got left
is love songs for you
baby girl

I'm almost there
I'm nearly better
Track Name: 04 Pity (Sympathy)
He used to cut her as she lay there sleeping
he used to pin and cut her wings with safety pins
(as she sang)
Take my life
take my pain
along I swing again
never to return

Won't you come around with me
because this pain is hard to see
it makes me think you comfort me
It makes me think you comfort me
for you

Well, I'm surrounded by your comfort
Alone from your sleep
And everything I say to you
Is more than just enough to make you weep
my dear

My Dear

Won't you come around with me
Because this pain is hard to see
It makes me think you comfort me
It makes me think you comfort me

Your Sympathy (is so pathetic)
Your Sympathy (it's so pathetic)

He used to slit his wrists and wank off on her
she used to suck his bloody dick
The angel lies there crying
lies there crying
and all she can think about
is the dead butterflies
dead butterflies
lying dead in her bedside drawer
dead in her draw
and she screams as the dark
invades her every orifice
and she screams and she screams

Watch me Fall down at your feet
Why have you forsaken me
You're not the same
Give me my pain
let's use pain
I need to share Endorphins
let's share Endorphins now
Share them with me
I want pain
Track Name: 05 Ephemeral
Stupidly and Randomly I crawl
Into your emotions
and I swing my giant bat around
the tight enclosure

Widening the scenery

You kick me from your car
and storm into the night
I reflect
and almost get to the door
before turning around

Reaching Out
Getting Hit
Retreating Indoors
to the Life that I thought I missed

Stupidly and Randomly I crawl
Alone I run this big old fucking race
everything in life you think you are
Makes me feel that I can't run this pace

Baseball bat to rose bush
swinging ever harder as I'm singing
in my head, lying dead
staring at the ceiling smiling
as you lie by my side
crying cos I tried
explaining my feelings
like you fucking told me to

lie to me
tell me something you see

tell me something
I don't give a fuck
Track Name: 06 Annulled
I have become numb
because I can't taste your lip-glossed lips
now as my world begins to end
I have become all I hate and fear

Relentless Regressing
Forever Falling
Forever For you
Blind to all

No one sees me
not even an eye
The dark is all encompassing
The ever-present Hatred
and undying love
is my ultimate downfall

Forever I am Falling
Deeper into this dark
down this dirty hole
open to none
Track Name: 07 an Elegy
I just want to say goodbye to you
even though my singing's out of tune and
my piano and my guitar too
oh well