songs of a tortured soul (2012)

by [amos/anon]

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acoustic songs from a boy with a guitar, a laptop and a broken heart...



released December 1, 2012

all songs written and performed by [Amos/Anon]
recorded at Tara's Flat, Palmerston North
cover photography: Jessicka Cameron @ Visceral Photography




[amos/anon] Palmerston North, New Zealand

if you haven't heard of [amos/anon] then the system is working. go back to sleep.

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Track Name: my soul evacuated
once more then I'm done
this just stopped being fun
there's a shadow where my body used to stand
what have I become

leave a note at the front desk
I'm no longer here
I'm sojourning through the stratosphere
I'm no longer here

both my eyes
but I'm not awake
my soul's evacuated

I feel like plastic
and you're acting fake
my soul's evacuated

my nose just started bleeding
the television's wasting
half the room is shaking
feels like my teeth are breaking
my soul's evacuating
my soul's evacuated

who will I be when it's over
how will I walk with no crutch
who's the stranger in the mirror
what have I become

what have I become?
Track Name: here there be lions
Have to sew the daggerholes
so I can lay down
gotta leave this town
try to find some higher ground

So strong now
with no one around
gunna start a settlement
and burn yours down

gunna leave this town
leave it far away
leave you all behind me
gunna burn the fucker down

You're so pretty
with your hands on the floor
don't turn around
I'm not listening

It's my time now
It's your turn
to crawl
Track Name: reap the sown
I’ve seen you halo
Hanging next to your angel wings
You wear the white dress
Knowing that he's seen inside

I felt your cheating lips lie
Now watch my bleeding heart break
I've seen your hollow eyes
I know the feeling's died

Go ahead and cry my angel
Let your tears fall from the sky
Find someone who's sympathetic
and if they ask I will tell them why

I saw the photo
The one of your fabled kiss
I hope you're happy
now that we're over
Track Name: the forecast
It's gunna be rain on my parade
but I know it will be fine again some day
and I know you feel the same when I'm away

And I know it's gunna be fine again

I can't stand the rain
or the thought that you're away from me
it burns me like a coal

long white cloud today
but I don't need the rain
to feel the way I do
my brollies in your car
but you're far away

Never again will I be left here
always have you here
Never again will I be
Track Name: so it goes
They say it’s alright
It gets better
Take some time off
Get some sleep
What’s the point in making amends?
If I wake I will still be

I'm sick and tired of feeling depressed
I'm sick and tired of being diseased
I'm so tired of being me

If feelings hurt me
I should grow up
No one around me
Feels the same

I think it’s time I
Left this city
I think I need a
Change of scene

I‘m fucking tired of being me
Track Name: My Soul Evacuated (Acoustic)
Once more then I’m done
This just stopped being fun
There’s a shadow where
My body used to stand
What have I become

Leave a note at the front desk
I’m no longer here
I’m sojourning thru the stratosphere
I’m no longer here

Both my eyes are open
But I’m not awake
My soul’s evacuated

I feel like plastic
And you’re acting fake
My soul's evacuated
My nose just started bleeding
The television’s wasting
Half the room is shaking
Feels like my teeth are breaking
My soul’s evacuated
My soul’s evacuated

Who will I be when it’s over
How will I walk with no crutch
Who’s the stranger in the mirror
What have I become?